The Supreme Court of Pakistan has ordered the complete audit of Pakistan Railways (PR) during the suo motu hearing of alleged Rs60 billion corruption in railways.

A two-member bench, headed by the Chief Justice of Pakistan )CJP) Justice Saqib Nisar, heard the case at apex court’s Lahore Registry on Saturday.

During the proceedings of the case, the CJP remarked: "the time has gone when the courts were disrespected, If you don't respect the institutions, then no one will respect you".

While speaking to the Railway Minister Khwaja Saad Rafique CJP stated: "Tell us about loss. How much loss has been caused to Railway so far".

On rejection of his plea for speaking Khawaja Saad Rafiq, said if you don't want to hear my point then I can leave.

Responding to the this Justice Nisar said, "You will have to keep silent unless the court says and If you go we will initiate contempt of court proceedings against you."

Khwaja Saad Rafique also shared the revenue figure of the of railways department which is Rs50 billion with a deficit of Rs35 billion.

“There are many reasons behind the losses. If you conduct an audit then you will become content with our performance,” he said.

On April 7, the SC had taken suo motu notice of alleged Rs60 billion corruption in the Pakistan Railways.

The notice was taken while a two-member bench, including Justice Ijazul Ahsan, was hearing a case about poor conditions at public hospitals and other health sector issues at the Supreme Court Lahore Registry.

The chief justice remarked that claims were made at the public gatherings that PR was running on profit but the on-ground situation was quite different from it.

“Look to Lalu Prasad Yadav who saved Indian Railways,” the CJP remarked while addressing Khwaja Salman Rafiq, the younger brother of Minister Saad Rafiq.

“He was illiterate and his theory for uplifting Indian Railways is now being taught at Harvard University,” the CJP remarked.

The CJP asked who was representing the Railways. On that a Railways chief executive officer came to the rostrum and said that the federal government was paying around Rs60 billion subsidy to the railways to meet its losses.

At this, the CJP expressed serious concern and remarked that “this is not a kingdom where the king can do whatever he wants”.