LAHORE - Provincial Minister for Human Rights & Minorities Affairs Khalil Tahir Sindhu Friday said the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leadership believed in public service and it would continue public welfare-oriented projects after winning the general elections 2018.

“Provision of relief to masses is pivot of our politics; that’s why resources worth billions of rupees have been provided to improve the quality of life of people,” he added.

Talking to a select group of reporters at his residence, the minister said that transparency, speed and completion of high-quality development projects were characteristics of the Punjab government, adding that the government was working day and night so that Pakistan could be developed as a modern nation state.

He said that the government had focused on less developed areas under a strategy of composite development and for this purpose billions of rupees were being spent to provide basic facilities to people living in remote areas. He said that with the result of untiring efforts of the Chief Minister Punjab darkness of load-shedding had almost been ended from the country.

He said that popularity of Nawaz Sharif had increased over the period of time and no conspiracy could succeed to keep him away from mainstream politics.

The minister said that there was no room for anarchy or politics of chaos in the present age and national unity was a need of the hour to face the challenges.

“The PML-N has always given priority to politics of norms,” he added. He said that claimants of change had not given anything to the people except for deprivations as they had wasted all their time in negative politics and sit-ins.