HYDERABAD - Sufism is something beyond and above the differences based on caste, colour, creed, ethnicity, language, culture and political affiliation.

Sindh University Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Fateh Muhammad Burfat expressed these remarks while delivering his presidential speech at a special talk given by US- based Sindhi scholar and former Chairman Department of Philosophy Javed Bhutto on “Understanding Sufism”, organised by Bureau of STAGS in collaboration with Department of Philosophy at Shaikh Ayad auditorium of Faculty of Arts on Friday. He said sufism is an amalgamation of love, sacrifice, tolerance and peaceful coexistence. Sufism also possesses the enormous potential to serve as a powerful antidote against all forms extremism and terrorism.

Citing German Philosopher Emmanuel Kant, Dr Burfat elucidated that there were strong parallels as regarded conceptual framework of Sufism in the east and the west. “Today’s talk will deliver a strong message to extend the borders of our love, acceptance, patience and tolerance for one another; and to extend one another honour, respect, help and cooperation”, he said and added that Sufism teaches us to ascend out of our shallow cocoons, to overpower our inflated ego, to transcend taboos that limit our love for one another and blur our vision to see one an others’ pluses.

Dr Burfat thanked Javed Bhutto for sparing time for the talk at the varsity and also complimented Director Bureau of STAGS Dr Sumera Umrani for efficient coordination and arrangements.

Speaker Javed Bhutto said that Sufism cherished and promoted two core values “love” and “friendship” upon which he said entire world peace was based. The best of Sufi thought had spread in the world through art and literature, especially through verse, as both were the most powerful media of expression of human passions, he added.

He said, “Sufism is a passionate, relentless and unyielding striving of human soul to recapture its essential, original identity; to retrieve its lost innocence, glory and divine stature,” he said and added, “This is exactly what heroines in Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai’s verse symbolize all six out of seven heroines tend to lapse on one account or the other like us all modern men and then go about reclaiming lost attributes; we as men also have defaulted on the vow we had made to our Creator on the day we were created- we had made solemn commitment to chart. “We must also endeavor to retract our essential nobility and Sufism is the path, the method and the navigation route that will take us there”, Bhutto iterated:, he added.

Paying rich tribute to Allama II Kazi and his elevated scholarly spouse Esla Kazi, Javed Bhutto said that both had made poetry, thought and philosophy of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai an unwavering focus of their intellectual quest and spiritual ascend.

He thanked the Vice Chancellor, faculty of Department of Philosophy and the Bureau of STAGS for organizing the talk. Among others, eminent columnist Aamar Sindhu, Dr Sumera Umrani and Dr Ayaz Mugheri also shared their views.

Earlier, a delegation led by Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Fateh Muhammad Burfat; comprising eminent personalities including Dr Habibullah Siddiqui, CEO Mehran Televison Ghulam Nabi Morai, Pro- vice chancellors of various SU campuses, deans of various faculties, SU Registrar Sajid Qayoom Memon and others laid floral wreaths on the graves of Allama II Kaqi, Elsa Kazi, Dr NA Baloch and former Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Abida Tahirani.