There is a serious issue with parents purchasing toy guns for the sake of a child`s entertainment. They do not realize the fact that toy gun usage at a very early age causes inhuman behavior. This not only incites violence in fact results in aggression and brutality. Provision of etiquette, ethics, and morality is imminent. These children are the future of our nation.

We must censure the media access where children are watching such cartoons where guns are everywhere. Children have active receptive power for learning. The children must be refrained to watch such movies where there is a fight with a gun. We should show such stuff that children learn from books. It is required that parents must give awareness to their children that guns and other utensils which convert aggression and intolerance are not good for their education.

According to reports, around eighty percent of parents involve their children to play with a fun toy. Playing with gun toys set mind of children that gun is a conventional and accepted pattern of the culture. We must educate the children to be more responsible and to become a good citizen. We must aware the children that book is the best friend and a good source of entertainment. We must impart our youth that the consequences of gun culture are the cause of hatred within the society that also breeds racial and induce jingoism.


Larkana, March 26.