MIRPURKHAS   -   The sale of unhygienic meat has been going on in the city and surroundings without let or hindrance which calls the performance of authorities into question.

It has been learnt during a survey that the meat is brought to market for sale without proper checking by veterinary doctor and food inspector, and this practice has been going on for past some years

Civil society and social leaders complained that cattle heads and other dairy animals were slaughtered at unknown places from where they were brought to market for sale; and no one knows where does this meat come from and what do they are eating. They said that the consumption of such meat causes digestive disorders and gastrointestinal diseases.

They further said that there was no proper veterinary doctor for checking the cattle before being slaughtered, and the butchers used fake stamps to show that the cattle heads whose meat they were selling were slaughtered as per the regulations of Health Department. They accused food inspectors and veterinary doctors of allegedly receiving gratification from butchers to allow them to sale the low quality meat without checking.

They demanded that higher authorities, district administration, and police take immediate notice of the malpractice and stop it immediately.