KHAIRPUR       -     A daylong seminar was organised by the Rozey Dhani Chair of Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur to commemorate the 76th death anniversary of Syed Sibghatullah Shah Rashdi alias Sooriah Badshah here the other day.

The seminar was organised at Allama I. I. Kazi Hall of the university and was presided over by Pro-Vice Chancellor Dr Yousuf Khushk. Meanwhile, notable publisher, intellectual and Chairman Sindhca Academy Karachi Noor Ahmed Memon was the keynote speaker.

The notable scholars spoke on different aspects of philosophy, life of Sooriah Badshah and strategies of Hur Tehreek. They included Akhtar Dargahi, Prof. Ayaz Gul, Prof. Mubeen Wassan, Ustad Nizamani and others. Incharge Director Rozey Dhani Chair Prof. Hassan Shaikh welcomed the guests and also shared the contribution of Rozey Dhani Chair in the field of research and mass awareness.

Speaking during the seminar, Dr Yousuf Khushk paid rich tributes to Sooriah Badshah and told that without any tinge of doubt Sooriah Badshah is the real hero of Modern Sindh. In his speech, he also talked about the role of different Dargahs and spiritual seats of learning in revolutionary movements and concluded that among all these seats of learning the role of Rashdi Syeds and Sufi Shah Inayat Shaheed of Jhok is matchless in the annals of history.

He congratulated the entire team of Rozey Dhani Chair for arranging this valuable seminar. He also emphasised upon the publication of research journals and books from the platform of the Chair. Noor Ahmed Memon, the Chairman Sindhica Academy who was the keynote speaker of the seminar also presented the chronological development of Hur Movement and told Dargah Pir-Jo-Goth has always played radical role against exploitation and foreign aggression.  He lamented over neglecting policy of different governments towards the contribution of Hur Guerrillas and their valiant head Sooriah Badshah in curriculum.

 He said: “It is disappointing to see other personalities being celebrated in our curriculum instead of these genuine heroes.”

Renowned adeeb Akhtar Dargahi and Prof. Mubeen Wassan also traced out the historical aspects of this unique movement on the part of Sindh. They added that this movement dispels the general impression that people of Sindh lack in the art of war.

Prof. Ayaz Gul and Ustad Nizamani in their talks added that limiting the contribution of Hurs and Rashdi Pirs to simple spiritual learning is indeed great injustice to them. They all are the icon of liberation, struggle, heroism and fight for independence.

The seminar was attended by a large number of scholars, faculty members and followers of the Dargah Pir-Jo-Goth. Sooriah Badshah Panel of Employees of the university also extended cooperation in this seminar.

Young scholar Khawand Dino Larik and Mushtaque Nizamni Qalandar Bux Bozdar, MAta Hussain Qazi and Abdul Sami Memon and others also spoke during the seminar.