The alleged abduction, followed by forced conversion and then the marriage of two minor Hindu girls of Gothki is a crime often repeated under the guise of religiosity in Sindh. At least in accordance with laws in existence, it is statutory rape because the law forbids marriage below the age of 18 years at least.

This country is in a precarious situation by misdeeds of few who use religion as a shield. Under the pretext of honor killings, our society commits crimes against women in the form of Karo-Kari or burying them alive in a male-dominated chauvinist society where religious bigots prevail and distort Islam. A religion that promotes tolerance, compassion, and equality becomes the target.

The political leadership in Sindh and Islamabad must either stand up for rule of law and display the compassion displayed by PM of New Zealand or stop this empty rhetoric and accept that they are a slave to this archaic mindset which has destroyed Quaid’s Pakistan from its welfare state concept to a country where jungle law prevails. Can Islamabad explain the rationale of lifting the ban on carrying automatic weapons imposed by previous government when NAP calls for a complete ban on weapons following the brutal massacre of 150 children in APS massacre in Peshawar?

Pakistan today suffers from the scourge of terrorism and is on the brink of economic collapse by the hypocrisy of Zia junta followed by Musharraf and the political midgets they created and private militias they allowed on the soil of our country. There is no provision in Islam for forced conversion, nor Karo-Kari, etc.


Sukkur, March 26.