Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar on Sunday said the sustainable development of every city of Punjab was his aim, which would be fulfilled and added that they would bring the underprivileged areas at par with the developed ones.

Talking to different delegations who called on him at his office, Usman Buzdar said that their vision was to eliminate gap between the poor and the rich. Usman Buzdar said that a positive strategy was being underway to improve the living standard of poor people.

According to a statement issued from his office, the chief minister said that Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) government had brought the agenda of change and added that they would give it real meanings by changing the fate of 

Pakistani people.

He said that policies in the past were made only to facilitate the elites as a result of which a special class became rich and the common man became poor.

The chief minister further said that there was no room for that cruel system in Naya Pakistan and added that they were trying to provide common man with those facilities which were his right.

The cities which were ignored in the past will be provided with exemplary development funds, he vowed. He further added that the fate of every city would be changed to better  in new Pakistan and added that in the past, development resources were spent on only a few cities and national interests were not prioritized.

The chief minister said that their government had set a comprehensive strategy for the equality of every region in the coming year’s budget, which will provide proportional resources for the development of every city and every town in Punjab.

CM Buzdar said, “Naya Pakistan is based on new ideas and new emotions and we won’t allow anybody to hinder the voyage of development.’