After the launch of his first album Blue Butterfly in early March 2020, followed by Udh Chaliya which was recorded in 2 days only, having spent 17 days in self quarantine multi-talented Danyal Zafar alias Danny Zee releases his latest song Akhiyaan.

Danyal not only wrote and composed the music but also reached out to a fan to collaborate with on his latest music video. Mariam Idris, the Visual Artist behind Udh Chaliye’ artwork and now the Visual Animator behind Akhiyaan’s music video Danyal and Mariam shares their experience of how this song and video came into being.

On the occasion of Akhiyaan’s release, Danyal Zafar said; “I think this is the first time I’ve worked on absolute and pure gut and intuition. Udh Chaliye’ happened in a dream, literally. I gave it no second thoughts, and I just hummed the melody for my fans the second I woke up and asked them to help me write it, and 24 hours, voilah, there was a track with its video released."

He further adds, "This gave me a high on another level. It was an adrenaline rush I’ve never felt with any prior release. Akhiyaan happened the same way, I think it’s kind of like a movement not within just myself but also with my fans."