School fee dilemma


Unfortunately, there is no clear cut policy from the executive part relating to private school fees structure. Therefore, parents are confused either they have to pay school fee or they could evade for these non-school-going months. Parents are highly forced by the schools’ owners to pay fees for upcoming months: with March month being already paid.

Although, I received a call from the school owner, forcing me to pay my siblings tuition fee for two- months—April and May. Honorable Supreme Court has declared in its decision last year that from a two-month summer vacation one month is to be paid by students. But who is going to enforce it as they had previously violated Supreme Court decision by retrieving the rest of the two months fee, shedding crocodile tears and repeatedly expressing of vast expenditures and income deficit. Unlike the previous year, it is the period of economic crisis, not all the parents are in a position to pay hefty fees.

Consequently, there should be straight forward policy relating to fee formula for private schools especially for non-schooling days which needs to be followed across the country. Moreover, Supreme Court orders ought to be followed strictly.




Punjab Assembly session


Parliament and Provincial assemblies are legislative bodies to make decisions that affect every citizen, irrespective of economic status, gender, or religion. Parliaments across the world, even worst-hit countries using technology and innovative ways to continue their work during this global pandemic COVID 19. Living in 2020, technology is a powerful tool than ever. Many software and applications are available online to hold virtual meetings and session. Provincial Assembly of the Punjab may also use these applications to hold its session to make political consensus on this critical situation and take urgent measures. In current emergency situation, there is a need to deliver things more efficiently and immediately.

Covid-19 unveils the true faces of public representatives of Punjab, Pakistan. They are as quiet as possible. We haven’t seen our representatives in their constituencies active for the help of the general public. People need their support at this crucial time.

Asma Aamir,



Child abuse


I’m writing to our community to be aware of child sexual abuse. As parents and as members of this community we need to ask ourselves what we can do to prevent even one more child from being sexually abused. Teaching our kids about scary strangers and just focusing on people on the sex offender registry won’t keep kids safe. Research shows that we adults know that children are most likely to be abused by someone they know, trust and often love and admire.

But in our own lives it is still hard for most of us to recognise when someone we know could also be sexually inappropriate or abusive towards children. So we ignore that gut feeling we get. After all, we don’t have “proof” that someone has harmed a child and we don’t want to offend an adult by asking about his or her behavior. Meanwhile, too many children are harmed by sexual abuse because we as individuals, organisations, and communities are afraid to be wrong and don’t know what to do. Most of us don’t know how to even raise the issue or with whom we’d even talk about it.

As a member of this community, I urge each of us to decide for ourselves what is okay and not okay around children. Then, decide what words you’ll say to protect a child’s boundaries. Finally, look up who you can call to talk about your concerns. Because when we act early, we can prevent child sexual abuse before a child is harmed in the first place.

Nida Shahid,



Halal meat & export


The Halal Meat industry is a fast-emerging business in the world. Halal Food is consumed not only by 1.5 billion Muslims around the world but also buys at least 500million non-Muslims, which shows that there is a big scope to enter in the Halal Food industry, to tap the world market.

Export Tax Refund for Halal & Processed Meat should be refunded as some as possible. It will be a relief to the Exporters for maximum Export. Efforts should be launched at the commercial consulate level to ensure retrieval of payments stuck or defaulted by the foreign importers. It is a big issue to be resolved. TDAP should make it easier for the Exporters to participate in different global exhibitions enabling them to exploit the potential of untapped and virgin markets on minimum Expenses. TDAP should help Exporters to ensure payment of refunds to the Exporters by the pursuing government as earlier. TDAP should also play its role in getting a package from the government for revival of sick units of Halal Meat Exports, the revival of these units will not only generate more jobs for youth but also play their role in the strengthening of the national economy by earning Foreign Exchange.

Exporters should be given relief in electricity bills and no tax should be charged on power bills. It is very important for Slaughterhouses and Meat Processors.

Fare of airlines should be brought down. Exporters should be given relief in withholding tax and it should be brought down to 1/3% from the existing 1%. New connection of natural gas should be given to abattoirs & Meat Processing Units and gas tariffs for exporting units should also be brought without any Tax. Halal Meat processing units should be given interest-free loans for the installation of solar energy & other Value-added Processing Machinery. Meat Exporters should be acknowledged as an industry as a textile and cement sector is recognised.

It should be taken as a zero-rated industry like the other five sectors. We are directly competing with the global meat industry giants therefore, the Halal Meat industry of Pakistan should be given due priority.