LAHORE                  -                Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) leader and an aide of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Shahbaz Gill on Monday has said that the federal government has not found any issues with the testing kits returned by Sindh province after being declared faulty. “The testing kits provided by the Centre have come under discussion for some time and Murtaza Wahab also commented on his Twitter account giving an impression that faulty kits were provided to them,” he said.Gill said that the province returned the kits provided to them from Chinese companies. “However, we encountered no issues while using them at National Institute of Health (NIH),” he said and asked as to why it took two weeks for the provincial authorities to declare them faulty.He said that they had planned to provide 50,000 more testing kits to the province and that time it would be handed over to them after going through testing process so that they should not return it as done twice in the past.Shahbaz Gill also raised questions over lockdown strategy adopted by Sindh and said that due to improper arrangements, the province continued to witness surge in coronavirus cases.He said that after 18th amendment, the provinces were empowered to deal with the issues and they should respond as to what they did for providing relief to masses from their own resources.