PESHAWAR                   -               The traders and shopkeepers have appealed the government to waive off all taxes and utility bills for at least three months in order to give relief to the business community, which is being adversely affected due to the outbreak of coronavi­rus in whole the country.

The demand was made by a group of small traders and shop­keepers in a meeting with Chair­man Amun Taraqqi Party and leading businessman Muhammad Faiq Shah in his chamber here on Monday.

The delegation said that the im­pacts of corona virus has incurred huge losses to businesses and the revival of routine businesses can only be possible, if a good re­lief package is offered to business community.

While reacting to the appeal of Prime Minister Imran to the world powers to extend debts relief in the war against COVID-19, Shah said that it is need of the hour to waive off all kinds of taxes, loans and utility bills for a certain period as the industrial sector and busi­nesses have been badly affected due to the spread of corona virus pandemic in the country.

The party leader urged the world financial lenders and institutions to consider the Prime Minister’s appeal regarding debt relief un­der the prevailing circumstances, otherwise, he expressed the fear that hunger and starvation will be arise in most of the developing countries and that may cause hu­man catastrophe anytime.

Faiq Shah further said that human development is a global issue, add­ing that Pakistani nation and state institutions had rendered match­less sacrifices for the world, and due to which peace has been restored in Pakistan and in the region.

ATP chairman Faiq Shah said the world monetary institutions and developed nations should play their due role under the present depressing economic conditions, and should take timely measures to prevent the developing human tragedy due to the lack of health, education facilities, hunger and starvation issues in the underde­veloped countries.