Reports are circulating that a former staffer of Joe Biden is accusing the Democratic presidential candidate of sexual assault in the 1990s.

Former Senate staffer Tara Reade had previously accused the candidate of unwanted physical touching but recently filed a report saying Biden sexually assaulted her.

“Please Republicans do not use my assault for political gain. Help me pressure [media outlets] to question Joe Biden,” Reade tweeted a day before the Associated Press released a report about the alleged sexual assault.

Reade was one of eight women who came forward last year and accused the presidential hopeful of inappropriate touching. The candidate later apologized and said he’d be more mindful about personal space.

The former staffer had accused Biden of inappropriate actions, like massaging her neck and playing with her hair. Now, news outlets are reporting that she filed a police report in Washington about an alleged sexual assault that occurred in 1993.

She told the Associated Press that he pushed her against the wall and penetrated her with his finger.

The Biden campaign has denied that the incident occurred and several people who worked with him at the time said they did not receive a complaint about the incident.