Right of way of the pedestrians has been lost in the layers of encroachments through out Lahore. I don't know why government is showing such irresponsible behavior in this regard. Town municipal officers and regulation branches are openly selling roadsides to encroachers, much to the disgust of the masses. Sometimes municipal corporation takes some trivial action against encroachments but after the departure of MC staff, vendors put up their encroachments again on the same roads. I have a suggestion for Punjab government; it should consider giving the responsibility for removal of encroachments to its new traffic wardens. They are connected to the scene as they are on the road. But they don't have authority to remove encroachments. If some sort of collaboration between traffic wardens and municipal staff can be effected, we might see a welcome change in Lahore. -ALI GUL, Lahore, via e-mail, July 31.