KARACHI - The CDGK is going to take a revolutionary step by launching 'City Owners' campaign across the metropolis with a view to create a sense of participation in the uplift programmes among the citizens. The city government has invited common citizens without any discrimination to volunteer two hours in a week for public services. City Nazim Mustafa Kamal said this in a crowded press conference here on Wednesday. All of the 18 town nazims, CDGK officials and the head of KWSB were also present on the occasion. Under this programme there is no restriction of age, gender, political affiliation or social status of the participants. All citizens were invited and encouraged to work at least two hours a week in their preferred field, Kamal said. Highlighting the concept of "City Owners", he said that alone the CDGK could not do everything for the betterment and development of the city. The city government can develop the bridges, flyovers, construct road, lay network of water and sewerage lines, plant thousands of trees but it could not keep an eye on the maintenance and smooth flow of services without the help of citizens. This responsibility is imposed on the common people thus the idea of voluntary service through "City Owners" has been conceived and now it is going to be implemented, the City Nazim added. He asked the citizens to come forward and take up the work into their own hands for maintenance, upkeep and uplift of the city and its revamped and restored infrastructure, by voluntary participation in the spirit of owning the city. He said that every citizen could register himself to become a "CITY OWNER" for which there is no pre-requisite. "You can be a professional, a student, a teacher, an officer, a CEO, a labourer, a vendor or doing any kind of job, you can become the "CITY OWNER", the only requirement is your spirit to do something in the interest of the masses", he said. Highlighting the salient features of the campaign, Kamal said that all this was being done without spending a single rupee and cards would be issued to the volunteers for their services in preferred field including education, health, cleanliness, tree plantation, sanitation, traffic control and others. City nazim mentioned the volunteers would not be allowed to raise complaints and objections but provide two hours in a week if they wanted to take part in the development of the city and bring a decent change in the life of the citizens.   The citizens of Karachi were urged to register themselves at the designated desks at Civic Centre CDGK Office and Town Offices through Telephone Number 1339 and the CDGK web site where the registration forms are available. Within a period of two weeks, registered members will be issued to "CITY OWNER" cards and modalities will be finalised to mobilise and depute a large number of expected citizens to the fields of their choice. The City Nazim, today (the Independence Day) will also announced that each year 25 "CITY OWNERS" will be handsomely awarded in recognition of their extra-ordinary services while working as volunteers. Kamal was very optimistic that once this concept succeeded in Karachi it would be replicated throughout Pakistan resulting in overall improvement in the society.