KARACHI - The preparations to mark the 61st Independence Day, in a befitting manner are in full swing in the metropolis, as the nation will celebrate the Day today with traditional spirit and fervour throughout the country as well in Karachi. The day of August,14 will dawn with special prayers in mosques for the country's stability and prosperity, success of the Kashmir Movement and well-being of the Ummah. Schools, colleges, and government and non-governmental organizations will hold the seminars and exhibition on the connection of the celebration of Independence Day of the country.  The renovation work at Mausoleum of Father of the nation Qauid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah has completed.  The city markets have started giving a festive look, as a number of temporary stalls of national flags, buntings, stickers and badges have been set up across the city. People, especially children are thronging these stalls to buy items to decorate their houses and their bicycles. In this connection, preparations are in full swing across the country and as the auspicious day comes a day after, the enthusiasm among all men and women, young and old, grow in the city. National flags can be seen everywhere fluttering atop the official and private buildings, houses, markets and shops while streets, lanes, and neighborhoods are being decorated with bunting. The entire city gives a lively and bright look on this occasion. Despite the political and economical crises of the country, the enthusiastic and passionate Karachiites are fully involved in the celebration. The Sindh Government, City government, Town Administration and non-governmental organizations have chalked out various social, cultural, educational programmes to highlight the life and achievements of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, significance of the national ideology and the Pakistan Movement. Meanwhile, MQM Founder r Altaf Hussain has congratulated the nation on the 61st Independence Day. In his message, he has urged the political leaders and activists to shun their differences and resolve the disputes with consensus. He urged the leaders to learn lesson from the mistakes of past and striving for the independent and free judiciary, elimination of feudalism.