LAHORE - The Watan Party after meeting the objections Wednesday filed again the petition before the Supreme Court against the rising prices of commodities in the country. The office earlier objected that the petitioner had other forum to seek remedy therefore the petition did not lie proceedings under Article 184(3) of the Constitution for direct hearing by the Supreme Court since it did not involve any question of public interest. Through Barrister Zafarullah Khan, the petition has been filed again pointing out that skyrocketing prices of essential items is a matter of deep public importance as non-provision of items of daily use to them is akin to denying them the fundamental rights. It says due to sheer poverty people are prone to sell out their children and committing suicide and the state was failing its duties towards providing for the poor. As such the issue raised through the petition is of deep public importance and demanded indulgence of the court to give relief to the public at large, it added.