ISLAMABAD (AFP) - President Pervez Musharraf called for political reconciliation in the country on Wednesday, in an apparent appeal to opponents who are gearing up to impeach the key US anti-terror ally. Making his first public comments since the ruling coalition announced impeachment plans last week, Musharraf told a function on the eve of Pakistan's 61st Independence Day that there was a "conspiracy" to weaken the country. "It's my appeal that we should adopt a reconciliatory approach so that stability should return," Musharraf told an audience of allies at the Presidency in Islamabad, which was televised live. "Because if there is stability we can fight terrorism, if we have a strong economy we can fight terrorism, and we should all put aside our differences and work to make Pakistan strong," he said. Musharraf did not refer directly to the impeachment issue but he said that Pakistan, beset by militancy and economic meltdown, was "passing through a very critical moment in its history". "In my view, someone is conspiring against our institutions either internally or externally," said Musharraf, wearing an open necked shirt and blazer. "But I assure you that the nation will stand together like it did in 1947 and it will prove that Pakistan will remain intact despite the predictions of its enemies," he added.