A top CIA official traveled secretly to Islamabad this month to confront Pakistan's senior officials with new information about ties between the country's powerful spy service, ISI, and the militants operating in Pakistan's tribal areas, according to American military and intelligence officials. The CIA assessment specifically points to links between members of the ISI and the militant network led by Maulavi Jalaluddin Haqqani, which American officials believe maintains close ties to senior figures of al-Qaeda in tribal areas. Again, the reports are with out any substantiating facts. If the CIA has evidence, it should be shared with us. It should be remembered that it is the ISI that has single handedly caught more terrorists than any other agency including the CIA in the ongoing war on terror. The ISI is one of the best intelligence agencies in the world. We have to remember that all key Al-Qaeda players were apprehended by the ISI. -AMIN SULEIMAN, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, July 31.