PESHAWAR - At least 20 militants including foreigners were killed when four missiles fired allegedly by the US-led allied forces from across the Afghanistan border hit Baghar Camp near Angor Adda, the border town of South Waziristan Agency, in the wee hours of Wednesday. So far nine bodies of local militants have been recovered whereas the reports regarding the killing of foreigners couldn't be verified. According to details, four missiles fired from Afghanistan hit the compound of the Baghar Camp. There are conflicting reports regarding missile attacks. Some of the tribesmen claimed that the allied forces jet fighters fired these missiles while others said it was the ground attack launched from across the border. Soon after the attack, the site was brought under siege by scores of masked militants. Except a few leading figures like Mullah Nazir and his close associates, other tribesmen were not allowed to contribute in the rescue activities. The tribesmen believe that during the missile attack, some 20 to 25 persons, mostly foreigners, were present in the compound, which was allegedly being used for training of militants. The identity of the killed couldn't be ascertained. The compound was badly damaged and razed to the ground. It may be mentioned here that the US-led troops have been targeting the hideouts of Al-Qaeda fugitives and their like-minded colleagues throughout Waziristan since last January. Agencies add: Four missiles, believed to be fired by US-led forces in Afghanistan, hit the camp, security officials said, adding "There were reports about the presence of Arab, Turkmen and local militants." "This is their work," he added, referring to US-led coalition forces deployed across the border in Afghanistan. In Kabul, the US military said the missiles were not fired by either NATO's International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) or the US-led coalition. "This is not true. We have no reports of missiles being fired into Pakistan," US-led coalition spokesman Lieutenant Nathan Perry told AFP. The US Central Intelligence Agency is also known to operate pilotless drone aircraft armed with missiles, but it was not available for comment. Another security official said the camp was run by a local militant, Zanjir Wazir, who he described as the 'local commander of Hezb-i-Islami, Afghanistan'. "It is not clear whether Wazir survived the attack or not, but his brother Abdur Rehman and one of their close relatives, Abdul Salam, were killed in the strike," he added. Witnesses said the missiles destroyed two houses close to each other and rescue workers were seen removing debris amid fears that more people could be trapped inside. Local militants cordoned off the area and journalists were not allowed access to the site. Residents said the houses were part of a militant training camp. Meanwhile, at least 25 people, mostly militants, were killed on Wednesday when helicopter gunships strafed villages in Bajaur, taking the death toll from a week of fighting there to more than 180, officials and witnesses said. Residents said people were fleeing to safer places in adjoining areas but Taliban militants were erecting road blocks to prevent the exodus. Monitoring Desk adds: Militants ambushed an army vehicle at Kariwam area in Jandola, killing two soldiers while five others sustained injuries, the BBC reported Wednesday quoting officials.   The injured were shifted to a hospital in Bannu.   Officials of the local administration said that unknown people opened fire at an army vehicle at Kariwam area in Jandola, some 25 kilometre west of Tank. Consequently, one soldier was killed on the spot while six others were severely injured. One of them, later, succumbed to injuries in hospital, officials said.