The shoe-flinging at President Zardari in Birmingham was not something out of blue nor was it unexpected after his callous show of indifference towards the poor Pakistanis that were literally washed away by monstrous torrents of the worst ever flood in history of Pakistan. That he remained adamant on pursuing the European jaunt in a way symbolizes how completely divorced our politicians are from reality, as well as from people of the land they rule. A leader so alienated as he can bring no change in the fortunes of this war-weary, disaster-ravaged nation that is crying floods of tears for help. His wicked manipulations of the circumstance of a tragic assassination of PPP chairperson who happened to be his wifecertainly helped him gain ascendancy to the Presidency but he has remained unwanted and unwelcome through out. He was only tolerated by the masses because even his flawed election to that high office signified democracy, albeit of an inferior standard but even so, it created a slight hope of later transformation. The word is despicable to describe the manner he is using his authority at present to conceal the fiasco in Birmingham from ever-watchful eyes of the media. One wishes he had accepted the fact of his universal unpopularity with some grace and not reacted with such fanatical outrage that his party should go on a spree of vengeance against media. Pakistanis would have probably ignored the novel incident with a gruff chuckle of bitterness. A display of media-friendly concern, even for the sake of politicking would not have been amiss even at this point of time because the public has already accepted the disaster as a will of God meant to test their fortitude. But the blatant insensitivity of this government is apparent to us all as we see clips of Presidents sojourn to Britain and rue the precious money squandered for creating the spectacle of Zardaris bared dentures in a photo session with British Prime Minister. The visuals from London narrate a sorry tale of treachery as all promises to look him in the eye were forgotten. It is this selfish and cold attitude of our leaders that has earned us scorn of the world despite show of amazing dignity and forbearance by our people in facing all calamities. -UMAR KHAN, Islamabad, August 10.