ISLAMABAD United Nations Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon is scheduled to arrive here today (Saturday) apparently to visit flood-affected areas of Pakistan. While the United Nations Pakistan is clueless about the proposed schedule and agenda of their top boss during his stay here, reports from UN Headquarters suggest that Bans visit is of significant importance in the wake of strained ties between UN and some South Asian countries. The UNs Secretary General would reportedly meet President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Gilani and some senior diplomats. He is also expected to visit flood-hit areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and southern Punjab. Not to mention that some recent months have been a bit strained but this does not notify that were at draggers drawn with some regimes over there. A smooth sailing is all we need I must say, a credible UN official wrote from New York to comment on UNs role in South Asia, in response to this scribes e-mail. Of late, ties between United Nations and the Governments of Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka have soared to tension. Pakistans audacious move to ridicule the findings of UN Commission on Benazir Bhuttos murder followed by an adversely reciprocating response from UN did not go well with the former. Besides, the Government was exerting enormous pressure on UN to downplay humanitarian aid given to Pakistan under Consolidated Appeals Process (CAP) and to continue with aforementioned aid package for South Waziristans internally displaced persons before the flash floods shifted the focus to natural calamity. Indias reckless detention of UN chartered cargo ship, Aegean Glory, in June this year created an enormously hostile environment between former and the latter. While the event earned India a huge embarrassment at the international level, the country did not back off from settling its old stores with UN, based on Kashmir issue. The UN chiefs statement urging Indian forces to exercise 'restraint in Kashmir, his backtracking from the particular statement later, and the UNs strong protest with India against the use of blue-helmets by Indian forces characterise that all is not well as far as diplomacy between the UN and India is concerned. Afghan President Hamid Karzai and his cronies are seemingly irked with repeated UN reports that question the authenticity of last years Presidential elections and demand transparency in the upcoming parliamentary polls. United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) also keeps 'pestering Karzais brother Ahmed Ali Wazir who reportedly runs a drugs empire in southern Afghanistan. The continuous threats to UN officials and closure of several UN missions in Afghanistan are part of same 'enmity. Likewise, the row between Sri Lankan Government and the UN over human rights issues is yet another manifestation of hard times the international organisation currently grapples with in South Asia. Bans announcement to set up a human rights panel in Sri Lanka to probe the extensive killings of Tamils during war against Tamil Tigers is strongly resented by the Lankan Government. The UNSGs arrival in Pakistan might concern India for obvious reasons, as it evidently aims to 'make peace with 'aggrieved South Asian Governments.