There is the well-known incident of Railway tracks barrier about Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. When Lieutenant Gul Hasan (his ADC at that time and later C-in-C of Pakistan Army) asked the gateman on the barrier (Phattock) in front of Railway tracks to open the gate for Governor Generals car to pass, Quaids face turned red in anger. He ordered the gate shut saying, If I do not obey rules, who would? This was the Pakistan of 60 years ago. Take a look at Pakistan we have today. The Railway track barriers aside, all traffic signals of the city are switched-off and the main roads (often on both sides) closed to traffic an hour before the royal entourage has to pass through. Our heads of state announce donation or funding worth Rs 5 crores or more without sanction from the Ministry of Finance. Or even after refusal of sanction from it (if the Ministry of Finance could ever do so) luxury planes are purchased on orders of President/PM. Scores get transferred and jobs of many terminated without merit by bending rules and regulations while many given promotion without merit violating all rules and regulations. You know the incident about Quaid returning a pair of expensive socks because a head of state of a poor country should not buy something so expensive. What to mention the socks even pampers for the kids of our rulers are charged to the national treasury. The expense of the Presidency and PM House is simply colossal as sisters, brothers in law etc hold sway over the portals of power. Pakistan today is a country where the entire government is present in full regalia at the airport to receive a Vice President of United States. In the cabinet meetings, Quaid did not allow even serving tea or coffee at state expense. In Pakistan today, multi-course banquets are served on non-occasions like this, on which kitchens of President and PM smoke out crores of rupees annually. The poor people of Pakistan desire the moral integrity of Pakistan we had 60 years ago. The pomp and show and 'prestige and progress the rulers claim to have brought to Pakistan we dont need. Please restore to us the venerable Pakistan of the Quaid-e Azam Pakistan of 1948. -MOEED AHMED, Lahore, August 13.