KARACHI - The Karachi stock market closed up on Friday but in very thin trade as few investors accumulated shares at lower levels on cheap prices but stayed cautious on worries about the costs of devastating floods. World Banks commitment for providing $900 million assistance for rehabilitation of people and infrastructure damaged by the flooding did invite accumulation in the front line cement stocks. The KSE 100-index, which opened in the green zone with a gain of 23.61 points, closed at 9823.37 with a gain of 30.56 points. The KSE 30-index closed at 9752.10 with a gain of 59.39 points. The KMI 30-index closed at 15051.30 with a gain of 70.79 points. All shares index closed at 6877.66 with a gain of 18.30 points. Trading activity was better as compared to the last trading session as the ready market volume stood at 31.963m as compared to last trading sessions 25.540m. Future market volume however stood at 1.098m shares as compared to 1.354m shares of last trading session. Market capitalization stood over Rs. 2.759trillion. Total trades decreased to 24,589 as compared to last trading sessions 24,655. 137 companies advanced, 158 declined and 14 remained unchanged. Highest volumes were witnessed in HUBC at 5.466m, closed at Rs. 37.01 with a gain of Re0.95, followed by AHSL at 4.112m, closed at Rs27.14 with a loss of Rs1.42, and DGKC at 2.039m, closed at Rs25.54 with a gain of Re0.33. The analysts said activity at the local bourse stayed extremely low. Early dips did invite identified support, that kept coming to support the benchmark, while investment securities companies and IPP sector stock mainly on majority shareholders activity allowed the stocks to pour in turnover. They said one went south while other north despite that the turnover and value of traded shares stayed on the lower side. Absence of ready board leverage will not only restrict index upside they added. They further informed that the rumour that engulfed the local bourse towards the day end regarding total elimination of the proposed and approved product, verification of such development will forced the benchmark to reduce the levels, as any such move will force the benchmark to find comfort around 9200, levels. They said assessment of the destruction caused by flood, likely to start coming early next week, by then probably the river water will be parked, is expected to reduce nervousness of the local circuit to be reduced. They said with pledges being received from around the globe the process of rehabilitation and infrastructural development if likely to gain momentum, some sector stocks may gain from the activity, unfortunately those sectors are facing revenue losses due to plant closure.