KARAMPUR (AFP) Armed bandits are exacerbating the misery of Pakistans massive floods, stealing cattle and food from survivors fleeing the countrys worst humanitarian crisis, witnesses said Friday. UN officials have warned that the extent of the losses to Pakistans infrastructure and economy will put the country years back. In the village of Karampur outside the city of Sukkur, local residents waded through stagnant flood waters up to their chest, retrieving valuables and lashing out at the government for failing to protect them from looters. Some villagers said that they preferred to guard their flooded homes while sending their wives and children to safety. Others said they had been looted while trying to flee during chaotic scenes. There was nobody to rescue us from the floods and now theres nobody to save us from bandits. We were waiting for help when armed men came and seized our belongings at gunpoint, said Abdul Karim, 20. There was not so much. Two goats and some wheat and rice. They snatched it all and escaped. Speaking to AFP in a tent city in Sukkur, mother of five Mai Meema, 60, said she lived in Khanpur near Karampur. We left with our belongings in a tractor when armed men surrounded us. They snatched everything and fled. We were poor people but never slept on an empty stomach. This flood has made us beggars. We have nothing at all. They deserve Gods curse. Instead of helping us, these criminals looted us. Government says up to 20 million people face direct or indirect harm, although without providing a detailed breakdown on how. The United Nations believes 1,600 people have died, while Islamabad has confirmed 1,343 deaths.