KARACHI (PR) - Unprecedented floods in the country have claimed more than 1500 lives and disrupted 14 million people, making a large number homeless. NIB Bank is responsive to this suffering and has therefore joined the relief efforts to help the unfortunate flood victims through partnering with Omar Asghar Khan Development Foundation and other NGOs. NIB Bank staff is donating three days salary whilst all NIB branches are accepting donations from the public in a special account set up for this purpose. To provide added support the NIB Bank staff will go into the field to distribute relief items along with team members of NGOs. Donations from the public can be made in any NIB Branch for deposit into account number 9363289. For international donations please visit NIB website www.nibpk.com or any nearest NIB Bank branch. In the last week of July 2010, torrential rains caused devastating floods in large parts of Pakistan . As this natural tragedy befell on Pakistan in the worst catastrophic way ever, the most effected were Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) provinces and parts of Balochistan. The unprecedented flooding has to date claimed more than 1,500 lives across the country, and has disrupted the lives of nearly 14 million people, according to official figures. Around 980,000 people who have lost their homes are trying to seek shelter in refugee camps in an extreme state of hunger and thirst.