Zamir Sheikh, RAMZAN CHANDIO & A Ghaffar SUKKUR/KHAIRPUR/KARACHI The roaring floodwaters continued to wreak havoc in Sindh as more cities and rural population have come under the danger of flooding on Friday. Several breaches developed in many canals in upper Sindh with water entering Jacobabad and other nearby towns amid rapid evacuation of the population from the areas at risk. The floodwaters have brought tragedy to about two million people, who have been displaced, moving towards Karachi, Hyderabad and other major cities of the province. During a visit to the flood-hit areas of Naushero Feroze and Sukkur, it can be observed that majority of victims had nothing to survive on. However, a mass exodus of the flood affectees is continued towards big cities as trucks and other vehicles, carrying people from the affected areas were seen on National Highway, moving towards Hyderabad and Karachi. Even, many people have reached the shrines of Bhit Shah in Matiari and Lal Qalandhar Shahbaz in Sehwan. Large number of people who had been evacuated from Bakhri in District Naushero Feroze to SM protective embankment, complained that many were still stuck in floodwaters in their homes. They alleged that the government rescue teams were not available for their evacuation. Mrs Beebal Jatoi, 45, told TheNation that her two sons - Akram and Suhail - were still missing as they were at home to look after their livestock and other belongings in Katcha area. Keeping Holy Quran in her hands, she said she has repeatedly urged the authorities to send a boat to shift her sons and other relatives from villages, which were completely inundated. But according to her, the district government did not provide boat to rescue them. However, more breaches developed in various canals - tributaries of Sukkur Barrage, leaving more villages inundated in Jacobabad, Larkana, Shikarpur and Kashmore. The fresh breach in Noorwah Canal inundated more villages, while floodwater is steadily heading towards Jacobabad city, which hosts a population of over 0.3 million. While, majority of people from Jacobabad have been moved to safer places as the government authorities had already issued flood warnings. Meanwhile, Sindh Chief Minster Qaim Ali Shah along with Federal Minister Minister Khursheed Shah and Sindh Information Minister Jameel Ahmed Soomro, while addressing a news conference in Sukkur, announced flood affectees will be settled in Karachi and Hyderabad. The government will set up camps at Bin Qasim Town and other areas of Karachi for the affectees, where all basic facilities will be provided to them. He also cautioned that more floodwater in Indus River approaching Sindh. The Sindh CM warned that if more breaches developed in canals, it may result in more devastation from Garhi Yaseen to Manchhar Lake in Sindh. He said that Sindh suffered over Rs50 billion financial losses due to floodwater devastation, which destroyed infrastructure and agriculture in the province. However, Chief Secretary Fazul Rehman, during his press conference at Karachi announced that the Sindh government will set up 10,000 camps in Karachi. Besides non-development budget of Sindh has been freeze, while development budget will be re-evaluated due to devastation occurred in the province. In Khairpur District, over 10,000 people who had not been relocated from their marooned villages are looking for help while 45 people drowned in various districts on Friday. The pressure on protective embankment is still continuing with water lashing the shores of the devastated villages. Water level is decreasing in Indus river at Guddu and Sukkur Barrages as declared by Irrigation Department, however, the people of Kandhkot, Shikarpur, Jacobabad, Sukkur, Ghotki, Khairpur, Larkana districts have rejected this claim and said that water level had been increasing and accused the authorities of lying and deceit. After a breach in Tore Embankment and Begari Canal, the water is gushing towards Jacobabad after breach in Noorwah Canal while inundating over 200 villages including big trade centres like Ghous Pur, Karam Pur Thull and other cities. According to DCO Jacobabad, 90 per cent people in Jacobabad had been evacuated and they are heading towards Balochistan and Sukkur due to which Jacobabad-Sukkur Road has been blocked from Humayoon to Jacobabad. House of former acting President Muhammadmian Soomro and Begum Saeeda Soomro, former Jacobabad Nazim, was inundated as water gushed towards Jacobabad City. Due to poor performance of Sindh Government and increasing water level in River Indus the people of various districts are still under pressure, harassed and tense. According to a survey, over 2.5 million acres of agriculture crops on both sides of River Indus had been inundated from Guddu Barrage to Thatta districts. Thousands of people from Jacobabad, Kandhkot, Ghouspur, Karampur, Thull, Shikarpur, Sukkur, Khairpur migrated to Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur, and staying at roadsides from Shikarpur to Hyderabad and they are living without any relief provided by government. As many as 45 people including men, women and children drowned in various parts of the district. He said that Sukkur Barrage is lifeline barrage for Sindh and it has been a challenge for the government and they are saving the barrage and life of people. Meanwhile, traffic on Kotri Barrage has been suspended in view of the high flood tide fast approaching here from Sukkur Barrage. According to the Flood Commission, Kotri is likely to attain exceptionally high flood level during the next 24 hours. Under this scenario, inundation and riverine flooding of low-lying areas of Hyderabad and Thatta districts, and adjoining areas along the river is expected. River Indus at Guddu is likely to sustain exceptionally high flood level up to 1,000,000 cusecs during the next three to four days. Under this scenario, inundation of low-lying areas of districts Khairpur, Jacobabad, Ghotki and Sukkur could occur. Authorities have again asked people in Jacobabad to vacate the city. River Indus at Sukkur is also likely to continue exceptionally high flood level up to 1,000,000 cusecs during the next four or five days. Under this scenario, inundation and riverine flooding in low-lying areas of districts Sukkur, Lar-kana, Nawabshah, Hyde-rabad and Naushero Feroze could occur. The flood torrent that broke through after Bhong Bund in Ghotki breached sustained its pressure at Raini Canal. According to the DCO Ghotki, at least 10,000 people stranded for three days in catchments areas have been rescued. The water is receding at Sukkur and Guddu Barrages; however, Guddu is feared to receive another massive flood tide coming from Punjab in the next 12 hours. On a protest by the local people to buttress Begari Bund, the Irrigation Department started to pile up sand sacks and large stones to strengthen the Bund. Agencies add: Flood levels are expected to surge even higher along parts of the already dangerously swollen River Indus. The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) said 'major peaks were expected on Friday and next week in Punjab and Sindh. Meanwhile, a high flood was recorded in Indus River at Chashma and Jinnah Barrages on Friday. According to flood control centre Mianwali, the out flow at Jinnah Barrage (Kalabagh) was recorded as 579,558 cusecs while it was 680,071 cusecs at Chashma. At Kalabagh it was exceptionally high flood, while at Chashma the water level was receding gradually. Meanwhile, in view of colossal chances of flood, Muzaffargarh-Mianwali road has been closed downed for any kind of traffic. Sources said that infuriated tide of floodwater has reached DC bridge of Mussanday Wali to hit Muzaffargarh with high level of water trends.