Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani said that Pakistan is facing the challenges today (Aug 14 2010) similar to those in 1947, at the time of Independence of Pakistan as over 20 million Pakistanis across the country have become homeless owing to prevailing floods' devastations. In his address to the Nation here on Saturday on the Independence Day, Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani greeted the nation on the 64th Independence Day and said, "Pakistan was emerged due to unprecedented and restless democratic efforts; We got a free state on Sahb-e-Qadar; at that time we were faced with the issue of refugees and now we are faced with the problem of millions of people displaced due to the deluge'. He said the torrential rains wreaked severe havoc across the country, which killed hundreds of people and rendered millions displaced. He asserted that all the political parties and organization have joined hands and are seriously committed to meet the flood crises; and added that all the resources are being utilized in this regard." Prime Minister Gilani said that rehabilitation and rescue work for the affectees is a gigantic challenge for the government as with government resources-it would be too difficult to tackle the challenge of flood victims. He said that approximately 20 million people across the country have been affected in floods that also caused billions of rupees worth devastation in the country. He said that 57 helicopters and 912 boats are being used for the rescue efforts of the flood affectees while around 39,800,00 people have been shifted to safer places. He maintained that after playing havoc with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Gilgit-B and Balochistan, the flood is roaring downwards the country towards Sindh. The government has also provided about 650 Tonne food among the flood affectees among the flood victims, while Pak-Force have been carrying out rescue operation in flood-hit areas with great devotion and responsibility, PM said. 'I myself visited all the four provinces to review the relief and rescue efforts and directed all the federal ministers parliamentarians and member provincial assemblies to supervise the relief measures in their particular constituencies' the premier added. He said that natural calamities are hard to tackle but we have to meet the disaster. He said that all official Iftar dinners and parties have been scrapped in order to use funds for flood victims and he has directed the officials to restrict unnecessary foreign visits due to crisis in the country. 'I assure the nation that the government would leave no stone unturned for early rehabilitation of affectees', while he also hailed those who offered huge donations and aid. He called upon the international community to donate generously for the flood-hit people of Pakistan. He also appealed to the nation to cooperate with the government to tackle the challenge for the rehabilitation of flood affectees adding that at the time of independence of Pakistan, the country has to look after the millions people migrated from India and today, "We have to face the challenge of homeless flood affectees for their rehabilitation and this challenge could only be tackled through the same spirit as at the time of independence," PM said. Talking about 'Two-year' performance of the government, PM Gilani said that development ratio of the country during its two-year constitutional tenure has reached to 4.1 percent and to tackle the energy crisis of the country works at Dia Mir and Bhasha would be initiated soon and to address the difficulties of the masses related to inflations, salaries of the government employees were increased substantially. He also said that the government has allocated Rs 50 billion to facilitate 4-million poverty stricken people of the country through its Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) and project of 150 'Sweet homes for the orphans have also been started in the country. Pakistan aimed to settle all its long-standing disputes with India through dialogue and India should also ensure conclusion of violation of human rights in the Occupied Kashmir, said the Prime Minister adding that Pakistan has been playing a key role for world peace and the world community should also come forward to assist Pakistan at this time of floods devastations.