KARACHI The special general body of the Pakistan Badminton Federation convened in Islamabad on August 9 not for elections but to discuss some crucial issues like misuse of the letter heads of the PBF and mismanagement of alleged funds received from international body, a source disclosed to The Nation here on Friday. He said a wrong impression has been created that it was an election meeting, but in reality, the president of the PBF Nazar Muhammad Gondal wanted to take into confidence the general body over a number of issues including alleged human trafficking in the garb of players and alleged mismanagement of funds. He said the meeting had nothing to do with election which are due to be held some time October/November this year. Serious allegations were levelled against the PBF secretariat for issuing permission on the PBF letter heads for taking teams abroad. According to some reports, a number of non badminton persons were allegedly included in the teams but they did not return home with the team. This has allegedly happened a number of times, he said. The units wanted some explanation from the PBF secretariat on this and other very crucial issue. He said in one instance the PBF issued official letter to that one individual to take a team to Spain. But the Pakistan team did not appear in that event. The organisers fined Pakistan 500 Euros for not showing up. At this stage a senior official of the PBF came to the rescue of the person who had taken permission from the PBF to take the team. In an e-mail sent to the International Badminton Federation, a PBF official informed the world body that Pakistan team could not proceed to Spain because it met a road accident while going to the airport to catch the flight and that the manger of the team fractured his leg. This story was allegedly cooked up by a senior official of the PBF to save the person who was given the permission to take the team. No such things had happened and the ,manager a former Wapda employee and senior former badminton player, did not allegedly suffer any fracture. These and a number of other issued which also includes alleged mismanagement of funds received from the international body needed clarifications. But none of the responsible officials against whom these allegations were made attended the meeting. The meeting agreed to suspend two office bearers and carry out an enquiry with the support of the POA and the PSB, he said. Under the constitution of the PBF, the president was legally competent to convene a special general body. A 15-day advance notice was also given to meet the constitutional requirement for the convening of the meeting. There are a total of 17 votes of the units affiliated with the PBF invited to attend the meeting, he said. As many as eight units of the Federation having 11 votes attended the meeting and after discussions, agreed to suspend secretary Aamir Hayat Rokri and senior vice president Naqi Mohsin. A committee was set up and given six weeks to look into various allegations against these two persons. Further action against them would be taken after the committee submits its report. Each of the Pakistan Olympic Association and Pakistan Sports Board has been included in the committee, he said. These two persons would remain suspended till the committee finalises and submit its report or the elections of the federation are held which ever is earlier. In the meantime the general body persuaded former international Anwar Saeed to act as secretary of the PBF till the enquiry was completed or elections held. The units who attended the meeting were Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Northern Areas, Fata, KPK (two votes), Wapda (two votes), Islamabad, Pakistan Railways and Technical Association. Sindh, which was also invited, initially accepted the invitation and a return air ticket was personally delivered as desired to the Sindh secretary Saleem Pracha who, however changed his mind and did not attend the meeting. Some people in the provincial association of Punjab have gone to the court on some issues. He said the president and a number of PBF units were not satisfied with the running of the affairs of the Federation and wanted clarification and explanation. He said the PBF secretariat had taken a number of arbitrary decisions ignoring the due constitutional process that included decreasing the voting rights of Islamabad from two to one and shifting of the head office of the PBF from Islamabad to Lahore. There were many other issues that the units felt needed immediate attention.