LAHORE The Pakistan Hockey Federation is least interested in paying back the loaned amount of Rs 10 million to the Pakistan Cricket Board. A PHF source said the PHF was least interested in returning the money given to them by the PCB under Lt Gen (retd) Tauqir Zia back in 2000. Tauqir gave the money as loan to the PHF so that it could survive a financial crisis but when the current set up of the PCB went through its accounts, it found that the money was in fact loaned and was not a grant. Now the PCB was demanding the money back from the PHF which is not paying any heed to the PCBs call. Reports also suggested that the PHF has also taken its legal team into confidence and after that felt the demand had no legal ground. The PCB did not raise the issue during the last decade and now suddenly it has come up with this demand. An official of the PHF said that it was the matter between the two servicemen. Lt Gen (retd) Tauqir gave the money to Lt Gen (retd) Aziz Khan and by then it was taken as an annual grant from the PCB.