ISLAMABAD (Online) - President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani assuring government support for flood victims said that the best way to celebrate the Independence Day this year is to reach out to the victim of unprecedented flood, heal their wounds and help them. In their separate messages on the occasion of the 64th Independence Day, President Zardari said that enthusiasm of Independence Day this year however has been dampened because of flood devastations. He said that Pakistan was envisaged by its founding fathers to be a homeland for the Muslims of South Asia where democracy, constitutionalism, and respect of human rights would reign supreme. It was envisaged to be a country driven, above anything else, by the consideration of the welfare of its people. It was not envisaged to be a sanctuary for the privileged few. It was to be a country where there would be no discrimination on the basis of creed, gender, or sect where minorities would enjoy equal rights as citizens of the state. He said that extremist and militants wishing to impose their political ideology on our people pose the greatest threat to the security and stability of the country that was founded on this day. Violent extremism has tended to make Pakistan a security driven rather than a welfare driven country. Let us therefore on this day also resolve to defeat the militant mindset and make Pakistan the truly welfare driven rather than a security driven state. Prime Minister in his message said, We should be proud of the fact that our freedom struggle was fought along constitutional lines. Pakistan came into being through a political and democratic process. Unity, faith and discipline and unwavering confidence in the leadership epitomize the spirit of freedom movement which infused conviction among the Muslims in their destiny. Equipped with steel-like determination and will power, they achieved the ideal of Pakistan within a short span of seven years. We are celebrating our 64th Independence Day at a time when our country is up against many challenges of grave nature, the chief being rehabilitation of flood affectees, fight against terrorism, struggling economy and ensuring stability. The recent floods have wreaked havoc countrywide causing human causalities, damaging roads and telecommunication infrastructure and crops at massive scale. As per the United Nations assessment, the total damage done by these raging floods is more than the world suffered in Tsunami in 2004 and what Pakistan had to face in the aftermath of earthquake in October 2005. Similarly, terrorists and extremists are out to impose their exclusive conservative agenda on the peaceful Pakistani nation. Our national economy was hit hard by both the ongoing war against terrorism and natural disaster. Despite these challenges, the government and people of the Pakistan remain committed to protect their motherland. I have my complete faith and trust in our people. I am sure that together we can rise to the occasion with determination and will power, said Prime Minister.