MULTAN Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has bemoaned that the Federal government has not given even a 'single penny for the rescue and relief of the flood-hit people so far, expressing his apprehension that the situation might give further rise to extremism in the country. Talking to the media here at Multan Airport on Friday, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz said neither the Federal government had given any relief fund, nor had any of its representative contacted the Punjab government in this regard. He told the journalists that Mian Nawaz Sharif himself had contacted the Prime Minister, seeking time to sit together to discuss this important issue. He regretted that some elements were still busy in point-scoring by calling into questions the Punjab government budget worth Rs480 billion. Its ironical to say like that. Look, we have the budget but weve to pay salaries and almost the entire funds, received under the NFC Award are spent on payment of 50 percent raise announced by the federal government, CM Shahbaz elaborated. He said that the unprecedented floods had caused horrible devastation in all the four provinces that was beyond imagination. He suggested that instead of point-scoring, all political forces should get unit to launch a massive rescue and rehabilitation operation. For Gods sake stop raising controversial issues at this critical time; Let the nation recover and re-alive, the Punjab CM appealed. Shahbaz Sharif categorically declared that the provincial governments were not capable of coping with the devastation, wreaked by the flash floods. Thats why I say the centre will have to come to the forefront to lead the rescue and relief operations, the Punjab CM pointed out and added that all the federating units had a legitimate right over the resources of the federation. He told the journalists that he had issued orders for restoration of Multan-DG Khan Road. CM Shahbaz maintained that the road had been washed away by the flood from Chowk Qureshi and the highway authorities had sought three days for its repair. The DG Khan and other areas are cut from the entire country for last six days and I have asked the highway authorities to restore the link in one day at every cost(s), he added. The Punjab CM said that relief goods could not be sent to Dera Ghazi Khan, Kot Addu, Jampur, Rajanpur and other adjoining areas due to the destruction of road infrastructure. To a query, CM Shahbaz said that he would not reply any statement of those elements, aimed at merely scoring points. He said that human welfare topped the Punjab governments priorities and he was in contact with the administrations of all the affected areas for the last 72 hours. I am in constant contact with the administrations; I have ordered them to deliver relief goods to citizens stuck in their flooded houses or higher places, he disclosed. CM Shahbaz said that the government could not cope with this situation alone, therefore 160 million people would have to stand up to support their 20 million affected brothers and sisters. The Punjab CM said that the government was continuously delivering medicines and water to the flood-hit areas to avert the outbreak of epidemics.