Congratulating people of Pakistan on the occasion of its 63rd independence day, US President Barack Obama has expressed his country's long term commitment in strengthening ties with the country. "Pakistan's Independence Day is a useful time to reflect on the friendship Pakistan has in the world and the expressions of true friendship that come in a time of need," he said in a statement. "On behalf of the people of the United States of America, I send my congratulations and sincere best wishes to all who will celebrate the 63rd anniversary of Pakistan's independence," Obama said. "Here at home, I am proud of the many contributions Pakistani Americans have made to our nation and will continue to make in the years to come," he said. This Independence Day anniversary also comes at a time of great challenge for the people of Pakistan as they bravely respond to widespread and unprecedented flooding, said the US President. "In line with the deepening partnership between our two nations, I have directed my administration to continue to work closely with the Government of Pakistan and provide assistance in their response to this crisis," he said. "We have rushed financial assistance, life saving and life sustaining relief supplies, helicopters, rescue boats, and disaster management experts to assist the Pakistani authorities," Obama said. The people of America stand with the people of Pakistan through this difficult time and will continue to urge the international community to increase their support and assistance, he said. "We will remain committed to helping Pakistan and will work side by side with you and the international community toward a recovery that brings back the dynamic vitality of your nation," Obama said.