The railway platform nowadays depicts scene of incalculable miseries of families who opt train as their mode of transport. Because of non availability of waiting rooms and sufficient number of benches the passengers pass their time sitting on floor of the platform, waiting indefinitely to catch the train. Before independence the Railway in the sub-continent was one of the most efficient services, considered to be at par with any of the railways of other parts of developed world. The India, after a short setback, though has not revived the past excellence, but at least has recovered to the extent that it is now providing their customers agreeable services, besides making profit. Unfortunately in our country railways had a disastrous set back when during the last martial law dispensation, a retired general was appointed as Minster to head the giant public-sector commercial organization, in the name of purging corrupt and lead the same back to track. Earlier the Pakistan Railways, in order to provide comfort to the passengers, maintained admirable waiting rooms, where they could pass the time contentedly till arrival of the train; which were not as behind the schedule as these days. These waiting rooms were equipped with comfortable beds, reclining chairs and were attached with dressing room and reasonably clean bath rooms. The passengers were served with cold and hot drinks and if sometimes train was late due to some exceptionally unavoidable circumstances, even food was served. I must admit that food and tea served in the waiting rooms those days was no less than a feat. So much concern was shown for the comfort of the passengers in the past. Instead of increasing facilities for the passengers, the Minster Railways considered the waiting rooms unnecessary financial burden on the organization and ordered their closure all over the country. I request the authorities to have mercy on the hapless passengers and restore old waiting rooms forthwith and also build new ones so as to lessen the miseries of the commuters. DAD MUHAMMAD BALOCH, Kashmore, August 13.