LONDON (AFP) - World number one Wang Shixian's hopes of adding the world title to the All-England title she captured five months ago, ended colourfully in the quarter-finals at Wembley on Friday. Wang was beaten 21-16, 21-17 by Cheng Shao Chieh, a blonde-dyed, punk-cut Taiwanese player who sports a large tattoo of her name on one arm. Seventh-seeded Cheng also had great energy and an attacking mentality, plus a victory in Jakarta in June against the world's leading player -- assets she used enthusiastically to her advantage. Wang managed to get her nose in front for the first half of the second game, and played steadily and patiently, but once her 10-9 lead had gone she was swamped by an opponent applying constant pressure and playing without inhibitions. Cheng's only negative moment was when she took too long for the umpire's liking while flicking sweat from her brow, and was shown a yellow card. "I get bored every now and again and like to have a new look, so maybe people don't know who I am and think I am a new player," Cheng joked about her appearance. Cheng now plays another surprise semi-finalist, Juliane Schenk of Germany, who reversed the result of last year's European final when she outplayed Tine Baun, the former All-England champion from Denmark, by 21-9, 21-11. Baun, who has been struggling with injuries in recent months, looked below par, but Schenk was excellent.