FAISALABAD - In the past few years, prices of essential commodities have gone up manifold, badly affecting the purchasing power of common man. The prices of daily use items have increased to about 95 percent, making the life of a common man extremely difficult, a survey conducted by TheNation has revealed. About 40 percent of population of the city and its adjoining areas did not even have access to food needed for adequate nutrition. The people urged the government to adopt appropriate food security policies to provide relief for millions of poor people in the country, On the other hand, reports say that in Pakistan, more than half of the Pakistanis have to spend 50-70 percent of their total income to buy daily use items after more than 95 percent increase in prices of food items within the last four years. The citizens of Ghanta Ghar square were of the view that the government must take measures to stop further increase in food prices. They said that the government had failed to provide any relief even in the holy month of Ramazan as Sasta bazaars and utility stores were not providing adequate relief to common man. They said that prices of milk, pulses, oil and ghee and vegetables have gone out of the reach, emphasising the government to take appropriate measures to control food inflation.