OUR STAFF REPORTER ISLAMABAD - The inflationary trend is continuing during the holy month of Ramazan as Sensitive Price Indicator (SPI) based inflation was recorded at 15.84 per cent during the week ending on Thursday against the same period of last year, Federal Bureau of Statistics reported on Saturday. According to the latest inflation figures, the SPI based inflation was registered at 14.16 per cent for the income group (earning up to Rs3000 per month) during the week ending on Thursday as compared to the same period of last year. Meanwhile, for the income group (earning Rs 3001-5000), it increased to 13.83 per cent and for the income group (earning Rs5001-12000) it went up to 19.77 per cent during the last week. However, for high-income earning group (above Rs 12000), SPI based inflation was recorded at 21.22 per cent. According to the data, the average inflation (for all income groups) was registered at 15.84 per cent. The FBS data revealed that prices of 17 items increased, prices of 13 commodities decreased and prices of 23 goods remained unchanged during the last week. The FBS figures revealed that price of gas charges surged to Rs125.13 from Rs115.40. Meanwhile, LPG (11 kg cylinder) price increased to Rs1405.88 from Rs1357.53, prices of a dozen of bananas enhanced to Rs 57.81 from Rs 56.92, and per kg price of sugar soared to Rs 73.41 from Rs 72.57. Similarly prices of salt, milk, rice, mustard oil and mash pulse washed also registered an increase during the last week. Meanwhile, per kg price of tomatoes decreased to Rs 33.85 from Rs 39.12 and per kg price of potatoes reduced to Rs 29.47 from Rs 32.07, per kg price of chicken declined to Rs 162.89 from Rs 172.36. Similarly, prices of mash pulse washed, wheat flour average quality and red chillies also recorded decrease in the week. However, prices of wheat average quality, rice basmati broken, bread plain, milk powdered, curd, Veg. ghee (tin) 2.5 kg, mustard oil, cooking oil (tin) 2.5 kg, kerosene, petrol and diesel remained unchanged.