Finally, Shahid Zafar, the Ranger who had shot Sarfraz Shah to death at point-blank range has been awarded death sentence, while six of his accomplices have been awarded life imprisonment for their crime by the Anti-Terrorist Court in Karachi much to the satisfaction of the bereaved family. This quick dispensation of justice has been lauded by all segments of the society. This group of Sindh Rangers committed the crime in broad daylight and the entire bloody and gruesome crime was captured by a cameraman. The video was then telecast by all news channels of the country, as well as by foreign television channels. This heinous crime had adversely affected the reputation of the paramilitary force. What remains to be found is the fact whether the accused were acting on their own or did so under orders from the high-ups to shoot at will. The parents of Sarfraz Shah, while talking to media, expressed their apprehensions saying that they would only be satisfied if the superior courts would uphold the verdict. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court also deserves appreciation that he took suo moto notice of the crime and ordered early completion of the trial after the investigation was completed. One hopes that the lower judiciary would follow this precedent and provide quick justice to the people, who languish for years and years seeking justice.