The recent violent and overwhelming turbulence has crossed Rubicon in Karachi. It is absolutely important to control this commotion or it will extend to whole of the country in foreseeable future. The army has also expressed its solemn concern for the first time in its last Corps Commanders meeting which should be an eye opener for all those who are directly or indirectly implicated in keeping the mercantile city in perpetual frenzy only for their own political interests. It is stunning that MQM which is limited to Karachi only has made the government its hostage. On the other hand, ANP which is governments ally has never given a hard time to the PPP led government and has never made any unjust demands to the present rulers as is the wont of MQM. One of the suggestions to bring normalcy in Karachi is to deweaponize the city but it is almost next to impossible to comb the whole of it. Instead the suggestion of Mr. Nabeel Gabol to tighten the noose around 5000 terrorists and miscreants whose list he has given to Mr. Rehman Malik can change the complexion of the mercantile city where mercenaries are stalking with no fear at all. According to a report, the city of Quaid has been inundated with such a large number of weapons that a hand grenade can be had only for a paltry amount of Rs. 3000 and the price of Kalashinkov is merely Rs. 40,000 whereas it is available in tribal areas for more than Rs. 75,000. Another legal anomaly is that there are many police personnel who are themselves involved in different criminal cases so much so that there is an ASI who is facing as many as forty FIRs according to a news channel. These rogue elements in police are providing shelter to the terrorists. On the other hand the government is facing Scylla and Charybdis. If it yields to the MQM's desires, the ANP makes a wry face and vice versa. It can not play both sides. The only solution left seems to me is that the Supreme Court should take the initiative and ask the army to play its constitutional role to eliminate terrorists by they from any party. MUBUSHAR ALI SULEHRIA, Wah Cantt, August 13.