The only common factor in riots that took place in London and Karachi was the violence, arson and looting that has taken place in both these metropolitan cities. This is where the commonality begins and finishes, because within 24 hours, London police moved in to quell the rioting and over 1,000 individuals have been nabbed and more such arrests continue to be made. The PM cut short his private visit to Italy and is directly involved in overseeing this operation to quell violence, punish criminals and ensure that they are prosecuted. In Karachi on the other hand people are being killed in cold blood, kidnapped for ransom and street crimes or extortion continue to take place while police and other law enforcement agencies look the other way. The President and his PM have undertaken multiple foreign visits, most of them totally unnecessary, while their citizens are being butchered in this battle for turf in Karachi. While the riots in London are believed to be home grown and coordinated through Facebook and other electronic modes of information technology, the riots in Karachi were allegedly initiated through phone calls that originate from London, including the call to collect food items for a month. Although this call was later retracted, the fact remains that incitement for violence was made from abroad. Majority of unfortunate 1500 citizens, who have died through target killings in Karachi, have died because of remote controlled violence that is initiated from London. It was only when a call was made by an Under Secretary Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, did the violence subside. This call was made because NATO supplies were being delayed because of strikes in Karachi. It only proves that when this violence occurs, it has the consent of those very authorities, which have the power to stop it, if they so desire. The other important point is that almost all our major political leaders, powerful civil and uniformed bureaucrats have their families residing in our former colonial masters country, or their assets are located there, which makes them vulnerable to their pressure. ALI MALIK TARIQ, Lahore, August 13.