Meet Peep the goat, who loves nothing more than grabbing a brush and creating 'abstract art. At first, the animal produced only, erm, gruff drafts but now it has honed its skills enough to wow visitors at the zoo where it lives. And it seems Peep is part of a new hoof movement in the art world, as its friends at McGovern Childrens Zoo in Houston, Texas, are also a dab hand with a brush. The first goat at the US attraction to paint was two-year-old Domino. But the real star, according to zoo keeper Amber Zelmer, is billy goat Trent. 'He caught on really quickly so helping him to make the paintings a bit better wasnt hard at all it took less than a month, she said. 'The first task was teaching the goats to touch the canvas with the paint brush once they had it held in their mouth. Metro