LAHORE The National Assemblys Public Accounts Committee on Pakistan Railways on Saturday expressed its concern over 'unjustified expenditure of Rs 18.954 million on the construction of an underpass in Sangla Hill by the PR. The Committee was told that former Railways Minister Barjis Tahir had then ordered the construction of the underpass. But, PAC on Railways Chairperson Yasmeen Rehman, while chairing the meeting at PR Headquarters, questioned that who had given mandate to the PR for constructing underpasses. She regretted the amount could be utilised to execute some other important work within the utility. The PAC also ordered further enquiry into the matter. MNAs Ayaz Sadiq, Ahmad Zafar and Riaz Fatyana attended the meeting. The PR officials were also present on the occasion. The Committee also took the matter of leasing 19 Railways school at nominal rent. The audit report 2004-05 pointed out the PR administration decided to lease out 19 schools with a view to improve quality of education and reduce financial burden of the organisation. In this regard, the report stated, each school having average total area of 81,418 sq ft and an average covered area of 21,237 sq ft was leased out to M/s Educational Services Limited (ESL) in a year 2001 at a nominal rent of Rs 5,000 per school per month. Ironically, the report added that the ESL rented out canteens of three schools located in Lahore at an average monthly rent of Rs 9,167, about double of the total school rent, with the security deposit of Rs 123,333 per canteen. This also substantiates Audits point of view that schools were rented out at nominal rent. The members of the Committee said that no one would be allowed to further misuse the PR property. The PAC, on this, also felt the absence of the Railways Property and Land Director in the meeting as an unbearable attitude and directed the Railways General Manager to ask from the Director Land about his absence. The PAC, on Saturday, discussed the audit paras of previous audit reports from 2004 to 2007. Important of them were the non-recovery of rental charges amounting Rs 0.764 million from a firm, loss of Rs 11.888million due to procurement of defective material and resultant damage to locomotives during trial and dead inventories valuing Rs 34.i67million due to unnecessary purchase of material. While feeling mishaps in tendering process of the railways in back years, the PAC stressed the PR administration for making the tendering process further transparent. The PAC was informed about the improvements in this regard. The Committee members told the media that they had discussed 45 paras of the audit reports among them five have been settled while 40 were pending. To a question, the MNAs replied that the PAC had never protected the corruption made by their fellow politicians and that their actions were speaking louder in this regard. The PAC has so far recovered Rs 165 billion amount which the corrupt people had looted in back year, Ayaz Sadiq said.