President Asif Ali Zardari has said that the coalition government, led by Pakistan Peoples Party, is determined to vigorously pursue the objective of taking the country on the path of prosperity, progress and democracy. In his message to nation on the countrys 65th Independence Day, the President said the PPP has a long history of struggle for the achievement of objectives for which Pakistan was created. The President said countless political workers and activists had laid down their lives in the pursuit of this objective. Let us, on this day join hands in upholding the principles for which Pakistan was created, he said. The President said, We are witnessing the power of democracy in action. Let us collectively employ the democratic power in the service of the country and people. He said much could we have achieved if the democratic process had not been repeatedly subverted and the Constitution abrogated and held in abeyance by dictators. He said it is also a sad thought on this day that the pillars of the State validated the subversion of the Constitution. The nation can take pride that it has closed that sorry chapter. Let us pledge that we will never allow the subversion of the Constitution and the democratic process, he said. President Zardari said on this auspicious occasion of the 65th Independence Day, I wish to compliment all Pakistanis living within the country and abroad. He said 64 years ago, the birth of Pakistan epitomized the successful culmination of a long and arduous struggle against heavy odds by Muslims of the Sub-Continent under the inspiring leadership of Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. He said the Quaid envisioned Pakistan as a homeland for the Muslims of South Asia where democracy, constitutionalism and rule of law would reign supreme. The President said it was envisaged to be a country where there would be no discrimination on the basis of creed, gender and sect and where minorities would enjoy equal rights as citizens of the State and fully integrated in the mainstream of national life. He urged the nation to express resolve to make Pakistan a truly modern, dynamic, progressive and democratic country. Our thoughts also go to the Founding Fathers and to all those who made untold sacrifices to make Pakistan a free, independent and sovereign country, he said. The President said they suffered and made sacrifices so that all could freely shape our lives and destinies in accordance with their values for which Pakistan was created.