ISLAMABAD - At a time when the government has spread its wings to keep Zafar Ahmed Qureshi, chief investigator officer in NICL scam, away from the investigations of the case, Qureshi on Saturday wrote another letter to Director General Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), asking him why he was barred from entering his office in Lahore despite the Supreme Courts orders, sources in FIA told TheNation. The sources said that Qureshi in his latest correspondence with DG FIA Tahsin Anwar Shah had told him that despite the fact he had assumed charge of his office on the directions of the Supreme Court and had informed his office about a meeting to be held on Saturday with his investigation team, he was not allowed to enter his office on the pretext of bomb hoax. In his letter, he has further written that not only he was barred from entering the building of FIA Punjab region office in Lahore but also all the members of his investigation team did not turn up on the venue. Zafar Qureshi on Friday also made correspondence with the FIA DG, informing him to make sure the presence of all members of his investigation team in his office on Saturday with all investigation files. The sources privy to the developments said that DG FIA Tahsin Anwar Shah was creating hurdles in his way to keep him away from the investigations of the case till his retirement, only to appease his bosses in the interior ministry. At a time when Zafar Qureshi was determined to complete the investigations of the case till September 30, the day he will retire after reaching the age of superannuation, the government has stepped up efforts to disrupt the investigation process of the mega corruption scandal and has decided not to give back his previous investigation team, the sources added. A source close to the investigation team led by Zafar Qureshi informed that it was out of question that he would form a new investigation team, as his previous team had been sent on 'forced leave. When the FIA top bosses are not allowing him to enter office, how could he constitute a new investigation team? he asked. The five-member FIA investigation team of NICL scam included two Deputy Directors Syed Javed Hussain Shah and Basharat Mehmood Shahzad, two Assistant Directors Khalid Anees and Muhammad Ahmed Chaudhry, and Inspector Sarwar have been sent on different leaves and insiders in FIA term it DG FIAs efforts to keeping on discontinuing the investigation process. Constitutional experts view that the governments all these moves in general and DG FIAs move, in particular, are tantamount to contempt of court and a clear violation of the apex courts orders as the SC in his August 8 orders restoring Zafar Qureshi had directed: The DG FIA and others shall not create hindrance in the investigation being conducted by Qureshi, Addl DG, under the direction of this Court.