REBECCA Black, 14-year-old singer of Friday, has quit school because of excessive bullying from peers. Her first single garnered more than 167 million YouTube views in the past six months, and had over 3.1 million dislikes from YouTube users. The comments on the video, which were mostly negative, were disabled in May 2011. The Anaheim, Calif. teenager has been criticised for Friday mainly due to its overly simple lyrics and her auto-tuned voice. She told Nightline that shed been getting so brutally teased by classmates about the song that she decided to leave her middle school. When I walk by, theyll start singing 'Friday in a really nasally voice, she recounted of the abuse she took from petty peers. Or, you know, theyll be like, 'Oh, hey, Rebecca, guess what day it is? Her mother, Georgina Marquez, who paid ARK Music Factory to record Friday and have the music video produced, took her out of the junior high she was attending and is now homeschooling her. She certainly did not need that kind of pressure, Marquez said. Ive had a lot of experience with not being liked and all that, Black said. I think if I hadnt had to deal with that in the past, then I totally would have handled this differently and I would have gone down in burning flames. But Ive learned that you just cant let it get to you. IBT