While the situation in Karachi continues to go from bad to worse, the Sindhi nationalist parties and others observed strike against the abrupt abolition of the commissionerate system. The city once again reverted to its daily dose of violence, killings and arson attacks. The obvious aim was to discourage the protestors from making their voices heard. A day earlier, when the call for the strike was given, seven innocent people were shot dead and scores of cars and public transport vehicles were set on fire. Staff members of Waqt TV covering the events in a DSNG-equipped van also had a brush with death as unknown attackers opened fire on the vehicle. The government has been found wanting in its paramount duty of establishing peace in the city and controlling various criminal groups that have seized control of our commercial capital at gun point. Given the killing spree, it is but obvious that our city of lights and the rest of Sindh has become a war zone with vicious groups fighting for their turf with the government watching the continued massacre like a pathetic spectator. In fact to muddy the waters, it is tinkering with the political process of governance virtually every day and at every level only to placate certain political forces. By abruptly dissolving the commissionerate system and bringing in the Local Government system, it has further made a mess of the situation. If it is the wish of a large number of people that commissionerate system should prevail there is no reason why the government should suddenly discontinue it. There is definitely MQM favouring LG system, but then what about other political parties and most importantly the ground situation that is in dire need of commissionerate system. Definitely, we must not use brute force like we used in East Pakistan allowing India to fish in our troubled waters and tearing us asunder. Only a certain degree of action against criminal groups would suffice. However, what is clear is that a political solution is required to restore peace and happiness to the city of lights. And of course it becomes the duty of all the responsible political parties across the country to join hands to make that possible. On this day of independence, let us promise to the Karachites that the entire country is with them and would not abandon them in their hour of trial.