KARACHI - Former City Nazim Naimatullah Khan has said that Ramazan is the month of the domination of Islam and defeat of the infidel forces.

He said that companions of Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) had affiliated their thoughts, actions, courage, dignity and commitments with Almighty Allah and their problems were resolved and the door of success and dignity opened for them.

Addressing an Iftar-dinner reception of Jamaat-e-Islami, he said that the country was passing through the critical situation and inflation and unemployment had badly affected the lives of commoners in the country.

He said that terrorism and unrest had destroyed the lives of Karachiites, adding that businessmen, industrialists, doctors and people from all walks of lives were suffering from the terrible situation. He informed that more than 1,200 people were gunned down in Karachi by the terrorists in last six months, saying that the targeted killings of innocent people of Karachi had exposed the government failure to maintain law and order situation of the metropolis. He said that the present government had failed to fulfil its single promise made with the masses in its election slogans and manifesto in the four-year tenure of the government.

Expressing deep concern over the genocide of Muslim in Myanmar, he condemned the silence of the world community on the genocide of Muslims in Myanmar and criticised the criminal silence of United Nations, world human rights organisations and international community on the mass killing of Muslims in Myanmar.

He said that the JI would raise the voice for the oppressed people of Myanmar at every forum, adding that we were not silent on the genocide of Muslims in Myanmar.