Margalla Town is one of Islamabad’s model villages and it is located near Faizabad Interchange. It lies close to the Korang Nullah and Islamabad’s ever-growing slum of Sohan. The town is traditionally known for appalling civic amenities, armed robberies, car lifting, land grabbing and extended power outages. While life is becoming ever challenging for the residents due to the CDA’s neglect, mosquitoes of many kinds are thriving and multiplying in numbers in the area, posing serious health hazards to the residents. Mosquitoes swarm the town at sunset before they invade houses no matter what preventive measures are taken. With the Korang Nullah in the vicinity and coupled with the unsanitary conditions, stagnant water of broken and choked sewerage lines have provided deadly mosquitoes an ideal opportunity to breed and explode in number.

Surprisingly, the current prolonged severe heat wave has done little damage to the numbers of mosquitoes while the costly mosquito control products are also proving to be ineffective against them. On the other hand, the CDA remains oblivious to its responsibilities; instead it is busy facilitating encroachments in the area. With no fumigation campaign in the offing, there looms a serious risk of an outbreak of dengue and malaria epidemic that could cost many residents of the town their life. There are visibly tens of thousands of mosquitoes’ larvae in the unattended broken and dug-up sewerage lines surviving even in this scorching heat and one is frightened to imagine the situation when the approaching monsoon brings down the temperature and provides ample water to mosquitoes to breed and spread diseases.

The residents appeal to the CDA chairman to show some consideration and order an immediate and effective anti-mosquito fumigation in the area. There should also be orders to repair or replace broken and choked sewerage lines as it is also clearly contaminating water supply lines and can potentially spread hepatitis C, TB, polio, typhoid and other waterborne diseases among the helpless residents.


Islamabad, August 10.