ISLAMABAD  - Beauty salons in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad are getting ready for rush of customers ahead of Eid Al Fitr, as women come for various beauty treatments.

Women visit parlours for facials, haircuts and hair dyeing, and also to get their hands and feet decorated with beautiful henna designs. The rush at beauty salons does not stop on the Eid day, and women continue to go there even on the festival day, especially to get one-day hairstyles. Robina, a beautician at Aabpara said  “ Last ten days of Ramazan are very busy and sometimes we have to hire extra staff to meet the needs of the customers”. “Every woman wants to look more fresh on Eid day and that is the reason every parlor looks busy till chand raat”.

Not only women, but now men also rush to parlours for better look especially those who are getting married immediately after Eid, throng salons for facials and hairstyle. According to beauticians, Eid is a festival time and people of all ages come to beautify themselves.

“Everyone’s requirements will be different, but the demand for henna designs will be on top of all”.  Normally, beauty salons announce different packages much before Eid, but on chand raat, the prices are further reduced so that every one could fully enjoy each moment of celebrations. “We bring very experienced and professional staff to give distinguished services without delay,” said a beautician at Super Market.

She said, “With the advent of Eid, our peak season starts as Eid is followed by wedding season and these are the days when we are not free even for few minutes”. Mostly, the parlours hire such staff especially on chand raat, who are expert in applying intricate designs of mehndi.