LAHORE – Violent protests erupted at Ferozepur Road, shortly after the policemen shot dead a youth and wounded another three during a pre-dawn ‘raid’ in Nawaz Sharif Colony on Monday.

The police Jawans raided the house to extort money from the alleged liquor-sellers and opened straight fire on them as they offered resistance and started protesting against the police, local residents and police sources revealed.

Clashes erupted between the police and the protesters in the entire locality before dawn as the angry mob torched a container and pelted the police and private vehicles with stones, virtually turning the busy Ferozepur Road into a battlefield.

A 15-year-old boy, later identified as Adeel Masih, was shot dead while another three persons including Naseem, Jan Muhammad, and Bhola sustained serious injuries during the clashes. They were rushed to a local hospital in critical condition. Police claimed that two constables also received injuries during the clash, which continued for more than two hours, creating lawlessness like situation in the entire locality.

An official handout issued from the office of the Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) on Monday afternoon said “a case has been registered in PS (police station) Naseerabad against three Constables and six unidentified (police) officials for death of a youth and injury to two during a police raid in Nawaz Sharif Colony, on Sunday night.”

Local residents said that four police constables from Naseerabad police station, identified as Ilyas Jutt, Ehtesham, Amir and Bashir, raided a house in Nawaz Sharif Colony in the wee hours of Monday. The police raided the house after some informers disclosed to the police that the family has a sufficient liquor stock for sale ahead of Eid.

The police assaulted the family members and demanded money and bottles of liquor from them under duress. The alleged liquor-sellers made hue and cry and called the local residents for help. In the meantime, the policemen contacted their colleagues at the police station, urging them to respond immediately.

The more the policemen arrived at the scene, the faster the situation got deteriorated, which ultimately led to sever clashes between the police and the local residents.

The police opened straight fire on the protesters and they pelted the cops with stones.

As a result, four people sustained bullet injuries and were rushed to a local hospital, where 15-year-old Adeel Masih was pronounced dead. The policemen however, leaving their weapons and motorcycles there, managed to escape from the crime scene as the situation went out of control.

The angry mob blocked the Ferozepur Road by setting the tyres on fire to protest against the killing, creating worst traffic mess in the entire locality. The protesters also pelted the private vehicles with stones and set a container on fire. Several vehicles were damaged during the protest.

Later, heavy police contingents including senior officers reached the spot and held a series of negotiations with the protesters. They also assured “prompt justice” to the victims to disperse the protesters.

According to SP Modal Town, Awais Malik, a case has been registered against the policemen on the compliant of Ashraf Masih, uncle of the deceased. “Three police constables Ilyas Jutt, Ehtesham and Muhammad Mujahid, six unidentified police officials and police informers Siddiq Ahmad and Muhammad Afzal have been nominated in the FIR.”